Generator Sales and Installation Services

We Carry All Sizes of Generac Generators

Promise Electrical Services specializes in the sales, installation, and service of residential and commercial standby and back-up generators.  Because we are a licensed electrical contractor we can install the whole system including power cables, transfer switches and any other components so you get a complete operational system. Our trained generator specialists guide each customer through the entire process of purchasing a generator. Each home and business is unique, and therefore, each generator and installation is customized to the exact needs of the customer.

Kohler Powe Systems GeneratorStandby Power Options

The options range from choosing only a select number of circuits, powering the entire home or business, and choosing a generator brand that works best for each customer. Promise Electric offers our customers a variety of generator brands, sizes, and installation options so that each customer receives the right generator, the correct amount of power and the most economical installation without compromising quality or professionalism.

Natural Gas and Propane Generators

Most temporary power generators run on propane or natural gas. Some multi-fuel units can also run on gasoline or diesel fuel. We recommend using propane or natural gas powered generators because they are very efficient, very clean and propane and natural gas more stable for long term storage. Standby backup generator systems running on propane require less maintenance and are more reliable so they are ready to work when you need them. Another advantage to using propane or natural gas generators is that they are much quieter — perfect for residential and small business applications where minimizing noise is important.

Standby Generator Technological Advances

Kohler Remote MonitoringTechnology has increased the options available on today’s standby generators that range from basic economical installations powering only a few vital circuits such as lighting, hot water heaters, refrigerators, and microwaves, to back-up generators that power the whole home as if the power had never gone out.

Automatic standby generators return power to the home or business in just a few seconds following a power failure.  Options are also now available that allow the customer to monitor their generator’s status via the internet form any computer, even while out of town. Monitoring gives peace of mind to those in food service, grocery, convenience stores and florists. This is especially helpful in businesses that rely on refrigeration of their products and stores to prevent spoilage saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Cummings Generator

Generac Guardian Series™ 5875 - 20kW Smart Circuit Standby Generator System (Aluminum Enclosure)

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